Friday, 21 October 2005

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About LivePerf
ImageLivePerf is a customizable performance monitoring tool for servers and distributed systems.

  • Consistency: Maintain a consistent view across vendors, operating systems and application versions.
  • Extensibility: Allows extracting and presenting custom data, extracted from SQL queries, Java applications and even command line tools. Also allows defining own statistics and displaying them in custom charts and tables.
  • Logging: Record monitoring sessions and analyse them later.
  • Agents: Built-in monitoring capabilities for Websphere, SQL Server, DB2, Oracle, Unix and Windows systems, Apache and IIS web servers, .NET and J2EE applications and more.
Log and Replay
Make the most out of the investment in a trip to a performance lab, by focusing on generating and capturing data, while leaving the in-depth analysis for later. Discover new dimensions of application behaviour by watching the replay through different views.
Custom Data

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Don't limit to performance data only. Display business information such as users, accounts and transactions, as collected from your database. Reuse familiar command line utilities and scripts such as Solaris DTrace or Oracle performance scripts. Write Java classes to extract data through more complex interfaces.
User Views

Use the power of regular expressions to create comparative views across hosts, agents or entities. Display data in tables, bar charts, time series or mixed controls, and easily group a large number of charts on multiple screens. Compute new counters by transforming existing ones and choose to show live data or historical aggregates.

Mixed Environments
Agent and agentless monitoring across different operating systems, hardware platforms, vendors and application versions.
LivePerf offers great flexibility in choosing local and remote deployment modes, to suit distributed systems in almost any network configuration.
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